Brainlife is developed for you, by people like you

Brainlife's user interface and data processing Apps are simple to use and target both neuroimaging experts and non-experts. The user interface provides intuitive step-by-step workflows as well as detailed information about datasets, Apps and data analysis processes.


Students can quickly get started and learn about key concepts of neuroimaging data analysis. Brainlife aims at lowering the technical barriers that can impede access to brain data and analysis.

Computer Scientists

Computer scientists and engineers can use Brainlife to develop and test new algorithms by simply deploying new data processing Apps. Brainlife Apps allows testing and benchmarking new algorithms using the open large-scale datasets avoiding the need to learn the entire neuroimaging software stack.

Data Scientists

Statisticians and data scientists can use the open datasets and data derivatives and contribute to advance brain understanding by working with confidence using Jupyter Notebooks –R, Python, Octave or Julia.

Global User base

~1200 users across +400 institutions / universities.