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Community Developer / Outreach Coordinator

Do you like helping other people? Or do you enjoy meeting new people? If yes, then you will enjoy this role buidling a stronger community around, and making sure we have an effective online presence (website, documentation, social media, etc..).

You are a solid fit for this position if...

  • You have strong presentation and technical writing skills.
  • You have solid portfolio of your graphical and web design works.
  • You have solid portfolio of your articles, blogs, documentations.
  • You can work without a lot of supervisions, but can keep the team member well informed of your progress.

Our idea of a perfect candidate is someone who is...

  • Well known among neuroscience researchers.
  • Familiarity with CSS / HTML.
  • Experience with community outreach activities and social media.
  • Has experience working with document template frameworks like mkdocs / jekyll
  • Has experience editing videos, and making screencast tutorials.
  • Can adopt to an existing design / documentation style standards
  • Familar with progressive, accessbility web standards and handling cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Has excellent eyes for detail, consistency and accuracy
  • Proficient understanding of git, and has strong presence on github.
  • Experience with CRM tools.

This role will be responsible for...

  • Build positive relationships with other researchers and research software engineers
  • Promote the active community around
  • Conduct demos and organize user workshops.
  • Design and update and maintain Brainlife web sites.
  • Conduct usability / UX testings on brainlife platform.
  • Write tutorials and blog posts to help Brainlife users. Engage in social media activities.

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