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Once you finish processing your datasets and produced all data derivatives, you can publish them by creating a current snapshots of your datasets and create a new publication page.

Publication records at are preserved for at least ten years since latest use using the Scholarly Data Archive, and comply with the metadata specification to promote maximum discoverability and respect of the FAIR principles.

A publication page can be accessed and datasets to be downloaded by anyone on the internet without having to login to Brainlife.

Each publication page may include following information.

  • A permanent-URL for the publication page.
  • Unique DOI that redirects to the permanent-URL.
  • Publication details such as authors, description, funders, data access license, etc..
  • Citation template that visitors can use to cite your publication.
  • A list of datasets that you'd like to make it part of your publication. For each dataset listed, visitors can view dataset detail including provenance, App used to generate the dataset and a link to download the dataset.


Once you publish your datasets, those datasets will become "world-readable" even for a private project. Also, currently, you cannot change the list of published dataset. Please be careful which datasets to publish.

Creating Publication Page

To create a new publication page, go to a project where you want to publish your datasets, then open to the Publication tab. Click the Plus button at the bottom right corner of the screen. You should see a list of datatypes and the total files sizes like below.

Select datatypes that you'd like to include in your publication. Click Next.


Brainlife currently does not allow you to make modification to the list of datasets included in your publication once published. Please examine carefully as you will not be able to change/un-publish datasets once they are made public.

Next page allows you to enter title, description and various other metadata. You can edit these information after you publish. When you are done, click Submit. The creation of publication page might take a few minute depending on the number of datasets. Brainlife will issue a new DOI from Datacite at this point.

Once you've successfully published your new publication, you should see it listed under the Publications tab under your project as well as the global Publication page which lists all currently registered publications from all projects.