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Downloading Datasets

Before downloading a dataset, let's see what datasets are available for you to download.

Querying project ID

$ bl project query -q o3d
Id: 5a022fc99c0d250055709e9c
Name: O3D
Admins: hayashis, avesani, frakkopesto
Members: hayashis, avesani, frakkopesto
Access: Access: public
Description: O3D (Open Diffusion Data and Derivative) is a reference repository for precision connectome mapping, white matter tracts analysis and algorithmic development.

(Returned 1 result)

Querying Datasets

$ bl dataset query -p 5a022fc99c0d250055709e9c

Id: 5bb5713a12512a003f32e9b6
Project: O3D
Admins: hayashis, avesani, frakkopesto
Members: hayashis, avesani, frakkopesto
Subject: 0008
Datatype: neuro/wmc<dt_stream, afq>
Description: AFQ with no Life (dt_stream) run1
Create Date: 10/3/2018, 9:47:38 PM (4 months ago)
Storage: wrangler
Status: stored
Tags: dt_stream, pre_life, run1

2708 total datasets, showing first 100. To view the next 100, run 'bl dataset query --skip 100'

Downloading a single dataset

Finally, now that you know the dataset ID to download, you can ..

$ bl dataset download -i 5a050ad5d76a2a002737e572
Download dataset to 5a050ad5d76a2a002737e572
100% done

$ ls 5a050ad5d76a2a002737e572

Bulk Downloading

You can bulk download a certain datatype from a selected project with something like a following bash script.


bl dataset query -p 5a5506fc4f89380027a9a493 -d neuro/anat/t1w --json > list.json
count=$(cat list.json | jq -r '.[].meta.subject' | wc -l)
for ((i=0;i<$count;i++));
        id=$(cat list.json | jq --argjson arg $i -r '.[$arg]._id')
        subj=$(cat list.json | jq --argjson arg $i -r '.[$arg].meta.subject')
        echo "downloading dataset $subj"
        bl dataset download $id
        mkdir -p $subj
        mv $id/t1.nii.gz ${subj}
        rm -rf $id

Download published datasets

Brainlife allows users to permanently publish datasets from a project. You can query published datasets by first querying the publication ID.

bl login

bl pub query -q o3d --json | jq .[0].releases
    "removed": false,
    "_id": "5bab993aa918ae0027024192",
    "name": "1",
    "create_date": "2018-09-01T00:00:00.000Z"
    "removed": true,
    "_id": "5bb2437c19fdb40027307f7b",
    "name": "",
    "create_date": "2018-10-01T00:00:00.000Z"
    "removed": false,
    "_id": "5c0ff604391ed50032b634d1",
    "name": "2",
    "create_date": "2018-12-11T00:00:00.000Z"

You can then use the publication release ID to query all datasets that belongs to this release (and filter by subject) and download each datasets.

for id in $(bl dataset query --limit 200 \
  --pub 5bab993aa918ae0027024192 \
  --subject 0001 \
  --json | jq -r ".[]._id"); do
    # download the data
    bl dataset download $id