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Project is where you can organize your datasets, do data processing, and share them with your project members.

Each project can have a specific set of users for admins, members, or guests groups. Admin can update the project access policy and edit various groups for the project. Members have read/write access to the datasets but cannot make changes to the group members. Guests have read access to datasets and processes, but cannot modify them.

Brainlife currently supports the following project access policies.

  • Public

    Public project allows anyone registered on Brainlife (not just a member of the project) to download and use archived datasets to process data. All users can view all public projects on Brainlife under project list.

  • Private

    Private project allows only the project members to download or use archived datasets to run Apps. Only the admins and project members can find the project under project list.


List project summary for all users

If you'd like to keep your project private while allowing other users to know its existance through the project list, please check this check box. You can solicit other users to join the project for full access or become guest users to have read access to the datasets.