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The Projects page is where you can organize your datasets, perform data processing, and share it all with your project members. To learn how to create a project, visit our Getting Started page.

You can assign the group roles Admin, Member, or Guest for each project.

  • Admin can update the project access policy and edit group members and roles for the project.
  • Members have read/write access to the datasets but cannot make changes to the group members.
  • Guests have read access to datasets and processes but cannot modify them. currently supports the following project access policies:

  • Public

    A public project allows anyone registered on to download and use archived datasets to process data. You do not have to be logged in to to view public projects.

  • Private

    A private project allows only the project members to download or use archived datasets to run Apps. Only the admins and project members can find the project on the projects page.

    You can keep your project private while allowing other users to find it by checking the List project summary for all users box in your project profile.

While we understand many researchers prefer to keep projects private, keep in mind that promotes open, reproducible neuroscience. Consider that a public project may help foster a stronger community of neuroimaging researchers on who can collaborate and communicate on research and advance neuroscience together.