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App Support Engineer

Apps are the key component of platform. As an App support engineer, you will be responsible for implementing and maintaining new Apps, and assisting users who are having trouble registering or making their App runs successfully on You will also be partly responsible for documenting / publishing tutorials to help other users successfully publish Apps on

You are a solid fit for this position if...

  • You are familiar with neuroimaging data processing tools (ANTS, dipy, fsl, mrtrix, etc..)
  • You have strong python/dipy programming skill.
  • You are familiar with HPC systems and various batch scheduling systems (PBS, htcondor, slurm, etc..)
  • You have strong troubleshooting skills.
  • You can work without a lot of supervisions, but can keep the team member informed of your progress.

Our idea of a perfect candidate is someone who..

  • 3+ years working professionally as a data scientist or software engineer in a mid to large group.
  • Experience with Matlab, Rstudio, and other data science languages and platforms.
  • Proficient understanding of git, and strong presence on github.
  • Familiarity with docker/singularity container technologies and Linux in general
  • Customer support and social media experiences.
  • Familiarity with software licenses, and IP and contributor licensing policies.
  • Can adapt to different coding standards and precedence.
  • Demonstrable ability to write clean, simple, and maintainable code.

This role will be responsible for...

  • Research new neuroimaging algorithms and turn them into Brainlife Apps.
  • Build pipeline (workflow) that can reproduces published workflows.
  • Test and maintain(troubleshoot) existing Apps.
  • Assist researchers who are developing / troubleshooting Apps.
  • Write tutorials or blog posts about writing Apps. Engage in social media activities
  • Consult researchers with software licensing and IP related issues.
  • Research and import new datasets from various imaging centers.
  • Organize or lead App workshops, demo and webinars.

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